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Auditory Verbal/Aural Rehabilitation Therapy

Many children, adolescents, and adults with hearing loss who use hearing aids, cochlear implants, or hybrid implants can benefit from structured therapy strategies and support to maximize hearing potential and communication skills.  Mellisa provides Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation therapy based on the principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy which emphasizes familiy involvement in the development of listening, language and speech skills.

Adults and adolescents who have recently received cochlear implants often benefit from sessions to support use of their new hearing technology in a variety of environments.  Mellisa also provides guidance and support in the areas of educational and workplace accommodations for auditory success.  

Periodic support group meetings for adults with cochlear implants are held at Mellisa's Kearny Mesa office location to allow CI users to share their experiences, frustrations and listening progress with each other.  Individuals considering CI surgery are also welcome to attend to discuss their concerns and ask questions of current CI users.



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