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Fluency Therapy

Mellisa follows a wholistic therapy approach for stuttering including stuttering modification strategies, fluency enhancing strategies, and addressing attitudes and emotions surrounding dysfluency.  As each person who stutters has a unique experience with their dysfluency, no two treatment approaches will be alike.  Some individuals may benfit from an approach that focuses more heavily on reducing the negative thoughts and emotions they experience regarding their stuttering whereas others may prioritize learning and applying specific speech strategies.

In addition to offering traditional therapy techniques, Mellisa is the San Diego County provider for the SpeechEasy Fluency Device, an in the ear Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency Altered Feedback device that looks similar to a hearing aid.  The SpeechEasy Fluency Device is not a cure for stuttering, but rather another tool that can be actively used to reduce dysfluency.  Many individuals who stutter will notice a reduction in the frequency and severity of their dysfluencies when using the SpeechEasy, however the device may not be the right approach for all.  Mellisa provides a comprehensive evaluation process for the SpeechEasy device that spans approximately 3 hours and includes time to trial a demo device for those who are interested in exploring this treatment option.

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